Solved: Zoho Mail Not Sending

“Are you receiving error messages while trying to send an email from your Zoho mail account?” If that is the case, read this page to know the causes and solutions to resolve this problem.Zoho is one of the reliable and secure email service providers designed for personal and business mailing needs. It is clean, ad-free, and provides an integrated calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, and bookmarks. This email service is easy to set up and use. However, people frequently face the “unable to send or receive emails” problem with their accounts.

Zoho Mail Not Sending


Zoho Mail will not send emails if:

  1. The internet connection is slow, poor, or unstable
  2. The email address is marked as spam by the service provider
  3. The entered email address is invalid or wrong
  4. The SMTP settings are misconfigured
  5. Your domain has expired
  6. The firewall settings or antivirus is blocking the connection

Zoho Mail Not Sending Troubleshooting Solutions

Perform the simple and quick troubleshooting solutions given below to fix this Zoho mail issue.

Checking your internet connection

  1. As the first step of troubleshooting, check whether the PC or laptop (on which you’re using your Zoho mail account) is connected to a stable internet connection.
  2. If not, get a stable connection right away and then try to send the email.

Verify the entered email address

  1. Secondly, check whether you have entered a valid email address in the To field.
  2. If not, enter the valid one in the given field and try to resend the email message.
  3. Also, check to ensure that the entered email address is not marked as spam by you or the email service provider.

Reconfigure the SMTP settings

  1. Check whether your Zoho mail account’s SMTP settings are configured correctly.
  2. If not, reconfigure them correctly using the settings given below.
  3. SMTP Server name:
  4. SMTP Port: 465 (SSL) or 587 (TLS)
  5. SMTP Username: Zoho Mail email address
  6. SMTP Password: Zoho Mail account’s password

Renew the domain

  1. Check whether your account’s domain is active.
  2. If the domain has expired, renew it and then try to send your email message.

Deactivate or turn off firewall or antivirus settings

  1. Finally, check if the firewall settings or the antivirus software installed on your computer is blocking the send service.
  2. If yes, temporarily disable them.
  3. Now, check if the “Zoho mail not sending emails” problem is resolved. By now, the issue should be solved and you must be able to send and receive emails without any trouble.

Contact us if Zoho mail is not sending emails even after performing the above solutions.