Yandex Mail Settings For Outlook And Android

Yandex Mail Settings For Outlook And Android

For configuring a Yandex account in Outlook or Android, you have to know the correct incoming and outgoing server details. On this page, you can get the exact information for setting up Yandex Mail.

Following are the Yandex Mail settings for Outlook and Android.

Incoming server settings

  1. Server type: IMAP
  2. Server address:
  3. Port number: 993
  4. Security type: TLS/SSL
  5. Authentication: Yes, required
  6. Username and password: Your Yandex account’s email address and password
  7. Outgoing server settings
  8. Server type: SMTP
  9. Server address:
  10. Port number: 587
  11. Security type: TLS/SSL
  12. Authentication: Yes, required
  13. Credentials: Your Yandex email address and password

Now, let’s see how to use the Yandex Mail settings for Outlook and Android to configure the account.

Configuring the Yandex account with Outlook manually

  1. Launch the Outlook application installed on your computer.
  2. Go to the Tools menu.
  3. Select the Account Settings option followed by New.
  4. When prompted, choose Manual.
  5. In the opened window, click on the Internet email option.
  6. Now, type your Yandex mail settings for Outlook in the given fields.
  7. Make sure that the user information, server information, and logon information of your Yandex account are entered correctly in the given fields.
  8. To configure the additional settings of your account, click on the More Settings button.
  9. Go to the Outgoing Server tab.
  10. Select the first two options.
  11. Similarly, go to the Advanced tab.
  12. Enter your account’s port number correctly in the given field.
  13. After entering all the information correctly, click Next -> Apply -> Test Account settings.
  14. Now, a test mail will be sent to your Yandex email account by Outlook.
  15. If you receive the test mail, it means that your account is configured correctly. Otherwise, reconfigure your account.

Configuring Yandex Mail on Android

  1. Go to the Mail window.
  2. Tap Other.
  3. In the given fields, type your Yandex mail credentials and tap Next or Manual Setup.
  4. Now, configure your account by following the on-screen instructions.
  5. Once you are done setting up the account, try to send a test mail to check whether the account is configured correctly.

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