Why You Should Be Using Spark to Manage Your Mail on iPhone & Mac?

Why You Should Be Using Spark to Manage Your Mail on iPhone & Mac

Though many email apps support iOS devices, the features involved in these email apps are not sufficient to entertain Apple users. Even Apple’s Mail app seems to be too basic for youngsters who use Apple products. If you wish to have an email app with more advanced features, then we would recommend you to use the Spark email app. Go through this article to know the features of the Spark email app.

Feature 1: Smart Inbox

Using the Smart Inbox feature, you can categorize your emails into Personal, Notifications, and Newsletters. It can be done automatically in your mailbox. You can also mark all the emails as notifications with a single swipe. You can find the priority emails in the Personal section. The Smart Inbox is customizable. So, you can organize the inbox based on your requirements.

Feature 2: Natural language search

You can search your emails within a few seconds using Spark’s natural language. You have to type the name of the recipient in the search field to get the emails received on your inbox.

Feature 3: Spark’s Smart Notifications

This feature can be used only if you have enabled the Smart Notifications option in the Spark app. If this feature is enabled, you will receive notifications about the emails you receive. You can also make use of the 3D Touch notifications to mark the emails as read, delete, or make a quick reply to the recipient when you get the notifications.

Feature 4: Spark’s quick replies

Quick replies in the Spark app saves your time. You can identify the Quick Reply section at the end of an email in your inbox. You can reply to your recipient with a few taps.

Feature 5: Email snoozing

You can delay the sending of an email using the Snooze button available in the Spark app. Select either the Later Today, Next Week, Someday, or Pick as date options to delay an email. Once you have snoozed an email, it will not appear in the inbox and will return as an unread mail if the snooze time ran out.