Why Is My E-mail Not Connecting To Server?

E-mail Not Connecting To Server

Configuring an e-mail account is quite simple and easy. Based on the service provider, the setup procedure will vary. Once your e-mail account is configured, you can access it to send and receive emails.

Now, while sending an e-mail, if your E-mail is not connecting to the server, it means your e-mail account is configured incorrectly or something went wrong during the process.

There are many causes for the “E-mail Not Connecting To Server” to occur. Some of them are listed below.

  • Poor or unstable internet connection
  • Misconfigured e-mail account
  • The e-mail server might be busy

If your e-mail account is not connecting to its server, check whether your computer or mobile phone is connected to a stable network. To perform a check, try to load the Google search page or any other page of your desire on your device browser. If the requested page fails to load, then contact your ISP to resolve the internet connection issue.

Similarly, if you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, then switch to Cellular data and vice versa.

If your e-mail account is still not connecting to a server, check whether you have configured your account settings correctly. If not, reconfigure them correctly.

Try to access the e-mail account from a browser. For example, if you encounter this issue while using your account via an application, then go to your e-mail account’s login page from a browser and try to sign in. After signing in, try to send or receive emails. If you encounter the same issue, then the e-mail server might be busy. 

Try to access your e-mail account after a while.

Now we have seen how to fix E-mail Not Connecting To Server issue.