WebMail Not Sending Email | Change Your SMTP Server Port

If your Webmail is not sending emails, the issue might have occurred due to various reasons. However, whenever a problem arises while sending emails, it signifies that there is an issue with the SMTP server or its settings. Even though fact that you cannot spot out the exact cause, you can resolve the issue with some effective troubleshooting solutions. Read this article to know the troubleshooting techniques to fix the “ Webmail not sending email” issue.

The troubleshooting solution for webmail not sending email

Check the basics

  1. First of all, to send emails from your Webmail, it should be connected to the Internet. Therefore, if you find any fault with your Internet’s stability, fix it immediately.
  2. Recheck whether you have entered the correct email address in the To field.
  3. If you cannot send a specific email, check whether it has any attachment whose size is beyond the limit. If you can send emails other than this specific one, it signifies an issue with your email and not with Webmail.
  4. If you still cannot fix the “Webmail not sending email” problem, try out all the following solutions.

Check the server details

  1. As previously mentioned, if you cannot send an email, there might be an issue with your SMTP server because this server is the one that takes care of all your outgoing emails.
  2. Recheck your SMTP server settings and make the necessary changes.
  3. Also, check whether you have entered the usernames and passwords correctly.
  4. If you have made any small error in these parameters, you cannot send any email from your Webmail.

Check the server connection

  1. Sometimes, the error might not lie with the server settings, but with the server connection.
  2. When the server is down or not functioning, you cannot send your emails.
  3. However, there is nothing much you can do to fix this issue. Instead, you have to wait until the problem gets resolved on its own.

Change your SMTP server port

  1. By default, outgoing mail servers use port number 25. However, some Internet Service Providers block this server due to spam traffic.
  2. In that case, you can rectify this problem by changing the server port to 587 or 465.

Check your firewall settings

  1. When the emails you send conflict with your computer’s protection software, you cannot send them successfully.
  2. In those instances, you should check your firewall settings. If necessary, make the required changes to these settings.
  3. If possible, uninstall your antivirus software temporarily and then try to send your email. In case you can send your email now without any issues, reinstall the same updated antivirus software and check whether the issue is solved. But, if reinstallation doesn’t fix your problem, uninstall that specific antivirus software from your computer and install a different one.

If you still cannot send emails from your Webmail, no worries! Just contact us for remote assistance. Also, know about how to blocking the emails in the webmail.