Useful Gmail Search Tricks for Power Users

Useful Gmail Search Tricks for Power Users

From then till now, the Gmail application is considered to be one of the reliable email platforms for business users. The section below comprises some information about useful search tricks for power users.


Gmail has the Tasks feature that helps to store and organize your to-do list.

  • Open the menu by clicking the arrow that is present on the bottom-right end of the screen.
  • Power users can just drag and drop your email messages to the Tasks panel. 

Email snooze

The most recent version of the Gmail application has the Snooze feature. It is located on the right-hand side of the hover bar. This feature helps the power users to clean up the Inbox folder rapidly without losing any important email messages.

To snooze an email message, click the Snooze icon and choose a time period. The email message will be present in the Inbox folder until the specified time, t.


A pop-up message on your device for each and every email message is slightly annoying. But, for power users, they can set a notification only for high-priority emails.

  1. This feature is available under Settings -> Desktop Notifications.
  2. Gmail itself determines the email priority depending on how often you communicate and with whom.
  3. You can also mute an email message by pressing the M key on the keyboard. 

Sending expired emails

You can send confidential emails to your clients with an expiration date set. After the expiration date, the particular email message will not be available for them to view.

  • To set an expiration date, compose a new email message and click the icon (clock with lock) at the bottom of the screen.
  • Specify the expiration date and set a passcode if required. 

Hiding the left panel

To make the menu or hamburger icon to look smaller, click it and drag such that the main bar has enough space.