Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email client application that supports email accounts of various domains. You can easily set up your email account on Thunderbird to send and receive email messages. Proceed with the steps that are given below to set up your email account on Mozilla Thunderbird.

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  1. Ensure that you have a network connection that is stable to configure your email account.
  2. Before you open the Thunderbird application, note down the login credentials of your email account.
  3. Now, open Thunderbird and click Email under the Set up an account section.
  4. If you are using a Thunderbird legacy version, go to the File menu and select the New option from the displayed list.
  5. Now, select Email Account to add a new account to the email client.
  6. When the Set Up an Existing Email Account window appears, enter your name, email address, and email account password in the respective fields.
  7. After entering all your details, checkmark the Remember password box and click on the Continue button.
  8. Now, Thunderbird will automatically start to configure your email account.
  9. If Thunderbird is not able to set up your email account automatically, select the Manual config option.
  10. When prompted to choose the account type, select IMAP.
  11. Enter the incoming server address according to your email domain.
  12. You can use 993 as the incoming port number and 995 as the outgoing SMTP server port number for a secured connection.
  13. Choose the SSL/TLS option for an encrypted connection.
  14. Choose the authentication method as password.
  15. Type your full email address with domain in the Username section.
  16. Once you have entered all the required email settings, click the Re-test button to check whether the settings are correct.
  17. Finally, click on the Done button.
  18. Make sure to save all the settings you have made.
  19. Now, your email account will be added to the Thunderbird application.
  20. You can now access all your emails from the Thunderbird email client.