Solved: Outlook Not Receiving Emails

Why is Outlook not receiving emails? It isn’t a question from a single user. Microsoft Outlook users keep asking this common question whenever they can’t receive emails. Most of the time, the problem isn’t with Outlook. It happens due to several factors which can be fixed easily.

Outlook Not Receiving Emails

If you are unable to receive an email, check your network connection first before you try our fixes. Because if your internet connection is weak, then you may need to wait until it is fixed. Or restart your network and reconnect it. Check if you can receive emails after fixing your network issue.

If the problem isn’t with your network, then check if the Outlook server is down. You can visit the Outlook support page to find any message about server issues. If the Outlook email server is down, you cannot send or receive emails. Wait until the server springs to life.


If you didn’t receive an email that you were expecting, confirm with the sender that they successfully sent it or not. Next, check the junk email folder for the missing email.

If the message is in the junk folder, right-click on the email and select Mark as not junk. The message will be moved to your Outlook inbox.

Clear Your Inbox

If your inbox is full of messages, you won’t receive a new message. Delete the unwanted messages and check if you have received the expected message. If not, ask the sender to resend it.

Check Your Block List

If you are waiting for an email from a sender in your block list, then you have to unblock the sender to receive the email. Find the sender’s address in the list of blocked email addresses and select it. Choose Remove and then click Save.

Check The Email Rules

You may have set specific email rules, and that may prevent you from seeing the email you are expecting. Delete the email rules and check if it works.

  1. Navigate to Settings –> View all Outlook settings.
  2. Choose Mail and then select Rules.
  3. Select the rule and click Delete or Edit.

Unblock Your Account

If your account is temporarily blocked, you cannot send and receive emails. Usually, the account will be temporarily blocked if any unusual sign-in activity is noticed. Unblock your Outlook account to receive emails.

After trying the above solutions, the Outlook not receiving emails issue should be resolved. If the problem continues, let us know so we can guide you further.