Not Receiving Aol Emails

Not Receiving Aol Emails On Iphone

Why I’m not receiving AOL email on my iPhone? Sometime, you may not receive your emails due to incorrect settings, poor network connection, outdated app, server down, etc. But, most of the problems can be rectified quickly with a few troubleshooting steps. Without wasting any time, let us see how to fix the AOL email problem.


Sometimes, you can access your account, send an email, read messages, and access settings, but you can’t receive emails. This problem is common if you have configured your account with the incorrect settings or your network connection is poor. Now, let’s troubleshoot the problem.


Firstly, check the spam folder if you don’t receive any emails. Sometimes, the filters may misjudge your emails as spam as they might have included spam content. As a result, your email will land in the Spam folder.

  1. Go to the AOL sign-in page.
  2. Open the spam folder.
  3. Select the message that accidentally landed in Spam.
  4. Click Not Spam to move the message to your Inbox.


  1. Log in to your AOL account.
  2. Go to Mail Settings.
  3. Select Block Senders.
  4. Make sure that the Block All Senders Except Contacts option is not marked.
  5. Also, check if you have blocked the sender from whom you were expecting an email.

If the Block All Senders Except Contacts option is enabled, you only receive emails from your contact list and not from others.


Every email received by your email account passes through the filter you have created. If these filters aren’t correctly set, then your mail may reach the trash folder. So, check the filter settings and make the changes if needed.

Delay In Delivery

The mail may take time to reach you due to server issues, heavy internet traffic, or other unknown reasons. In that case, you may need to wait or refresh the page several times.

Even after trying the above solution, if you are not receiving AOL emails on your iPhone, call us so we can help you further.