Manage Attachments In Mac Mail

Manage Attachments In Mac Mail

Managing attachments in the Mac Mail app will let you have an organized view of your mailbox. The attachments can be organized and managed in many ways, a few of them are given below.

Method 1: Creating a new mailbox to add attachments

  1. On your Mac, open Finder by clicking the Finder icon in the dock.
  2. Click the Go menu and select Applications from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the pop-up window, give a double-click on the Mail icon to launch the Apple Mail app.
  4. Once you have launched the Mail app, select the Mailbox option and click on New Smart Mailbox.
  5. In the Smart Mailbox Name field, enter a name for the newly created mailbox.
  6. Select the Contains Attachments option from the pop-up menu and click the OK button.
  7. You can also add the Message is not in Mailbox conditions to avoid spam messages from entering into your mailbox.   
  8. Now, you can quickly access the newly created mailbox for the emails with attachments.

Method 2: Removing the locally stored emails with attachments

This method shows how to remove emails from your disk rather than deleting them from the mail server.

  • Open Finder and click the Go menu.
  • Select the Go To Folder option from the drop-down menu and enter ‘~/Users/USERNAME/Library/Mail/V2’ in the text field.
  • Click the Go button and search the associated file with your email address.
  • Type ‘name: attachments’ in the search panel available at the top-right corner of the Finder window.
  • A large number of attachment folders will appear on the screen.
  • Select all the folders and move them to Trash to free up some disk space or transfer them to your external storage device.

Method 3: Managing your Mail downloads

  1. In the Mail app, select the email that has an attachment.
  2. Give a right-click on the attachment icon and select the Save to Downloads Folder option.
  3. To select multiple emails and save their attachments to your disk, click the File tab and select Save Attachments.