Fix: Mac Mail Outbox Is Not Sending Gmail

Mac Mail Outbox Is Not Sending Gmail

If you find your email in Outbox, it signifies that the email has not been sent yet. If there is a connection problem or you are working in offline mode, the emails you send will get back to your Outbox folder. In some cases, the problem occurs with the recipient address you are sending the emails to. Double-check whether you filled out the email address correctly. Then try sending the email again. If your problem is still not resolved, continue reading this article.

We will show you a few solutions to handle the “Mac Mail outbox is not sending Gmail” problem on this web page. Now, let us learn the solutions in detail.

Check Your Internet Connection

  1. Your Internet connection should be proper and stable enough to send your emails. In case your computer cannot connect to the Internet, you will not be able to send your emails. Therefore, check the stability of your Internet connection; if you find any issues, you should fix them with the appropriate solutions.
  2. To check the network status, navigate to the System Preferences section and click Network. Ensure that you can locate a green light under Ethernet/Wi-Fi. In case you see a red light, it signifies that you are not connected to the Internet. In that instance, you should contact your Internet Service Provider to get this issue fixed.
  3. Sometimes, the issue exists with the Gmail server. In that case, wait until the problem gets fixed on its own.

Check The Settings In Mac Mail

  1. Due to incorrect account settings, your emails may not reach the correct destination; instead, they will stay in your Outbox. However, when you modify a few settings, you can get rid of your email problem.
  2. On your Mac, open the Mail application and click Preferences> Accounts.
  3. See if you have configured the email settings correctly. In case you find any errors, make the necessary changes and fix your problem.

We hope these troubleshooting solutions have helped you fix the “Mac Mail outbox not sending Gmail” problem. If you cannot fix the issue yourself, reach our technical experts for real-time assistance. To do that, just use the call option we have given on this page.