How To Change iCloud Password

iCloud email is a professional emailing service developed by Apple. The iOS/macOS users can use this service to send and receive their emails. They can also use it to access iTunes and other Apple services. 
However, you should have the valid account credentials, such as email address and password. Losing or forgetting a password is a very common thing. If you’ve lost or forgotten your account’s password, don’t worry. You can recover or reset it easily and quickly. 
The following section covers everything you need to know about the “how to change icloud password” process.

iCloud password reset

Remember A Resetting Password

  1. Open the Apple menu on your Mac computer.
  2. Click on the System Preferences option.
  3. Locate and click on your Apple ID
  4. Under your profile, click the Password & Security tab
  5. Now, if a pop-up dialog box prompting you to enter your account’s password appears, click the Forgot Apple ID or password button displayed on the screen and follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. The Apple ID window displaying your account address and other details will open.
  7. Click on the Change Password button beside the Password option.
  8. Reset the account password by following the on-screen instructions. 
  9. After successfully resetting the account’s password, try to sign in to your account using the new password
  10. If the new password works, it means the reset process is done successfully.
  11. Otherwise, re-perform the password reset process.

Resetting A Lost iCloud Password

Have you lost your iCloud account’s password?” If yes, don’t worry. You can quickly recover it. To do so, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open a browser on your Mac computer.
  2. Go to the iforgot page of Apple.
  3. Type your Apple ID, i.e., iCloud email address, in the given field.
  4. After entering it, click the Continue button
  5. Select the “I need to reset my password” option on the opened screen and click Continue.
  6. Now, the screen titled “Choose from the options” will open.
  7. Select the Get an email or Answer security questions option and click Continue.
  8. Now, based on your selection, the corresponding screen will open.
  9. For “Get an email:”
  10. Check to ensure that your recovery email address is entered correctly in the given field.
  11. Click Continue > Done.
  12. Now, you will receive an email message from Apple to your recovery email account.
  13. Locate and open the email titled “how to reset your Apple ID password.”
  14. Click the Reset now button.
  15. Complete the iCloud password reset process by following the on-screen instructions.
  16. For “Answer security questions:”
  17. Answer the security question correctly.
  18. Click Continue.
  19. Create and type a new password in the given field when prompted.
  20. Finally, click Reset password.

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