Fix: iCloud Not Receiving Emails

If your iCloud account isn’t receiving emails, it could be due to several reasons. When you figure out the exact cause behind this issue, you can rectify it in the best way possible. This web page will show you the troubleshooting solutions to handle the iCloud not receiving emails problem. Try out all the techniques listed in this article and fix your issue within minutes.

iCloud Not Receiving Emails

iCloud Emails – Check The Fundamentals

  1. Every email requires a certain amount of space. If your iCloud account runs out of space, you will not receive new emails. Therefore, free up some space and then check if you can receive your emails.
  2. You need a stable Internet connection to access your iCloud mail account. If there is instability with your Internet connection, fix it and then ensure that your problem is fixed.
  3. Sometimes, you need to fetch the new data manually to access your new emails. On your iPhone/iPad/iPod, tap Settings> Mail> Accounts> Fetch New Data. Now, send an email to yourself to ensure that the issue is resolved.
  4. In most instances, restarting your device can help you troubleshoot this issue in an efficient way.

Take Your Account Online

  1. If your iCloud account is offline, you cannot access your new emails. In that case, you should take your account online to fix this trouble.
  2. Open the Mail app on your Mac. Select Mail followed by Preferences.
  3. Click Account and select your iCloud account.
  4. Under the Account Information section, ensure that your account is turned on. If it is grayed out, it indicates that your email account is in offline mode. To fix this, you need to switch it to Internet mode.
  5. If you cannot get back your email account to online mode, go to the mailbox and click the Take All Accounts Online button.

Check Your Server Settings – iCloud Mails

  1. Server settings play an essential role in sending and receiving emails. Even if you make a minor mistake in configuring the server settings, you will end up in trouble.
  2. Therefore, check if you have configured your iCloud email account with the correct credentials. If you have made any mistakes, make the necessary corrections and rectify the problem.

Fix Your Browser – iCloud Emails

  1. If you cannot access the iCloud mail via, the problem might be with your browser. Update your browser to the recent version and check if new emails reach your Inbox.
  2. Sometimes, trying a different browser can help you handle this issue.
  3. Clear your browser’s history, cache, and cookies and see if it works.

Hopefully, these troubleshooting solutions have helped you fix the “iCloud not receiving emails” problem. For further questions and clarifications, get back to us.