How to Use the Yahoo App on Android?

If you are new to Yahoo and don’t know how to use the Yahoo app on Android, then this article is for you. You can easily download the Yahoo app on Android from the Play Store. You can access your Yahoo Mail account in the Yahoo app the same way you access it on the web. To use the Yahoo app on Android, see below.

How to Use the Yahoo App on Android
  1. Open Google Play Store and enter Yahoo in the search section.
  2. Select the Yahoo app and touch on the Install button.
  3. When prompted for permission, touch Accept to download the application.
  4. Wait until the downloading process is complete.
  5. Tap Open and install the app by following the on-screen instructions.
  6. Launch the Yahoo app and log in to your account using your Yahoo email address and password.
  7. Make sure to configure your account using the right email server settings.
  8. Select the Manual Setup option to set up your email account.
  9. Choose IMAP as the account type. Enter the incoming server address as
  10. Enter the incoming port as 993. Select the SSL option for encryption.
  11. Type the outgoing mail server address as
  12. Enter the outgoing port as 587 and select Yes in the Requires Sign-in section.
  13. You have now set up your email account in the Yahoo app.
  14. Go to the Compose mail section and enter the recipient email address.
  15. Enter the subject and body of the email message. Tap on the Send button.
  16. Now, the email message will be successfully sent.
  17. If the message is not sent, it will be moved to the Outbox folder.
  18. Open the Inbox folder to see the emails you have received.
  19. You can find the recent email messages on the top.
  20. To reply to an email message, open the email and tap Reply.
  21. You can add your message and click on the Send button.
  22. If you want to add any attachments, tap on the Attach icon.
  23. Select the files you want to add and tap Send.