How to Use SSL for a Mail App Email Account on an iPhone?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. On the other hand, TLS (Transport Security Layer) is the advanced version of SSL. Using the SSL connection for your email account, you can access an encrypted or authenticated communication between the two end-points. If you wish to use SSL for an email account to be configured on your iPhone’s Mail app, follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Use SSL for a Mail App Email Account on an iPhone?
  1. On your iPhone, tap the Settings icon on the applications screen to launch the Settings app.
  2. In the Settings window, tap the Mail tab (select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option for the older iPhone versions).
  3. Under Accounts, tap the Add Account button and select the Other option from the displayed list of email service providers.
  4. Choose either POP, IMAP, or Exchange as your account type and enter the name, email address, and description for your email account.
  5. Under Incoming Mail Server, enter your incoming mail server name in the Host Name field.
  6. In the User Name field, type your email address and enter your password in the Password  field.
  7. Under Outgoing Mail Server, enter the outgoing mail server name in the Host Name field.
  8. Enter your email address and password in the required fields.
  9. Tap the Save button.
  10. If you are asked to set up your account without SSL, select No.
  11. Return to the Settings window and select the Mail option.
  12. Choose your email account in the Account section and tap the Advanced button.
  13. Toggle on the Use SSL button underneath Incoming Settings.
  14. Enter 993 in the Server Port field if you have configured an IMAP account.
  15. If you have configured a POP account, enter port number 995 in the Server Port field.
  16. Under the Outgoing Mail Server section, tap the SMTP button and enable the Use SSL button.
  17. Enter port number 465 or 587 for the outgoing mail server.
  18. If you are adding secure SSL settings to a Gmail account, tap the primary server and set it to on.
  19. Verify the configured settings and tap the Done button.
  20. Restart your iPhone and check if you have enabled SSL settings for your account in the Mail app.