How to Sort Your Gmail Inbox?

Gmail is one of the world’s best web-based email services present today. It is used for personal use and also for running a small business. As your business grows, you will be having tons of email addresses, and if you are not able to differentiate and manage them accordingly, then it becomes messy. We have a quick solution for you to get your Gmail Inbox organized and be able to locate your preferred emails at ease.

You can sort the emails in your Gmail Inbox, and we will help you know how it is done.

Usually, you would have seen 5 different tabs in your Gmail account, 

  • Primary: You receive all your essential personal emails in this section.
  • Social: You will receive emails from social networking sites that are registered with your Gmail account.
  • Promotions: Promotional emails fall into this category.
  • Update: The section will mainly have any essential updates like payment update or confirmation emails.
  • Forum: the emails from the discussion board fall in the Forum category.


  • The use of labels can be a huge sigh of relief and it can help you organize your Gmail emails.
  • The Manage Labels and Create new Labels options are located in the left pane of the Gmail page.
  • You can enter a label name in the field and click the Create button.
  • The Label will be created.
  • Open an email from the Inbox folder.
  • Click the Label icon next to the Folder icon on the Gmail page.
  • Click the recently created Label you want to assign to a particular email.


  • Your newly created Label will be present in the left side of the Gmail page.
  • Just below the Label, you will see the Project Merger option.
  • Click the downward-facing arrow next to the option. 
  • You can select a label color.
  • Adding color to your label will help you quickly identify specific emails.