If you are an iPad user, you can easily add your existing Office 365 email account in the Mail app and access all your emails. It is better to know the email account details such as account username, password, email server details, and authentication settings before you begin the setup. You can get the information from the account settings page or mail client app. The below procedure will help you understand how to set up your Office 365 email account on your iPad. There are two ways to set up the mail account — Automatic and Manual.

How To Setup Office 365 Email On iPad

Manual setup:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPad and choose the Mail menu.
  2. Select the Add Account option. For some devices, it is Account > Add Account.
  3. Next, tap Exchange from the list of email providers and then enter the Email address, Password, and Description. After entering the required details, tap Next.
  4. Choose Configure Manually and continue with the setup.
  5. Following that, fill in the necessary Office 365 email information as mentioned below and select Next.
    • Email – Your email address
    • Server –
    • Username – Your email address
    • Password – Email account password
  6. Select the slider beside the mail account information which you want to sync on the device and then tap Save.
  7. Now, the Office 365 mail account will be set up on the Mail app and you could notice your email account listed in the app. 

Automatic setup:

  • Open the Settings app, choose Mail > Add Account > Exchange. 
  • Enter the email address and click Sign in.
  • The app will detect the email account settings automatically and configure it.
  • Enter the email account password when prompted.
  • Next, select the email service you want to sync and tap Save.