How to Set Up Your Comcast Cable Box?

The step by step instruction given below will help you to learn how to set up your Comcast cable box.
How to Set Up Your Comcast Cable Box

Step 1: Unpacking the Comcast Cable Box.

  • Initially, unpack the product box.
  • Find the attachments with Cable Box and carefully unpack them.
  • You may find the following attachments with the box:
  • Two Coax cables
  • Power cord
  • HDMI cables for HD digital adapter
  • Remoter control signal receiver
  • Remote control manual
  • Adhesive fasteners
  • Instruction booklet and Quick to Start guide booklet

Step 2: Connecting the Digital Adapter.

  • The adapter is connectedto the wall outlet and your  So, place the adapter in a convenient place.
  • Attach the coax cable to the wall outlet and fix the other end of the cable tothe Cable IN port or RF port of the adapter.

For HD TV:

  • Use the HDMI cablethat came with your kit to connect to the adapter box and the TV.
  • Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port and the other end of the HDMI cable to one of the television’s HDMI ports.

For SD TV:

  • Use the short coax cable to connect the adapter box and TV.
  • Connect one end of the coax cable to the Two TV port and the other end to one of the Cable IN or RF ports on your TV.
  • Now, plug the power cord into your cable box and plug the other end into a power source.

Step 3: Receiving signal

  • Use the remote control and turn ON your TV.
  • If you don’t receive the signal, set the correct port (source) to which you have connected the coax cable on your TV.

Step 4: Activate your cable box

  • Once you have set up the cable box with your TV, you have to activate it.
  • The simple and easiest way is to activate your cable box online from the Comcast website.
  • Turn on your TV and cable box.
  • Visit the Comcast site, enter your account number and phone number, and then carry out the instructions displayed to activate your account.

If you have no idea about how to set up your Comcast cable box, contact our technical team by clicking the call button displayed on this screen.