How to Set Up Yahoo Mail on iPhone?

You can add any of your existing email accounts on your iPhone. The procedure involved is quite simple. Let us now discuss how to set up Yahoo Mail on iPhone.

How to Set Up Yahoo Mail on iPhone
  1. On your iPhone’s Home screen, you have to locate the Settings icon and tap it. The location of this icon will vary from one iOS version to another.
  2. On the Settings screen, scroll down and then choose the Passwords & Accounts option.
  3. The Passwords & Accounts option. screen will now display on the iPhone.
  4. On this screen, select the Add Account option.
  5. You will now find a number of options on the Add Account screen. Choose Yahoo! since we are going to set up Yahoo Mail on your iPhone.
  6. When the Yahoo! screen appears, enter the details such as your Name, Email Address, and Password of the Yahoo! mail account you are adding.
  7. You will find that a Description displays automatically, but you have the facility to modify it.
  8. Once you are done entering all the details, tap the Next button.
  9. Now, tap the Save button.
  10. Your Yahoo! mail account has been successfully set up on your iPhone. You can view it on the Passwords & Accounts screen, listed under the Accounts heading.
  11. Now, go to the Home screen on your iPhone.
  12. Tap the Mail icon on the Home screen. This action is to check your emails. Remember that the location of this icon will differ according to the iOS version you are using.
  13. The Mailboxes screen will display. In case you have multiple email accounts on the iPhone, all of them will be listed on this screen.
  14. Now, choose the Yahoo! account that you have set up just now.
  15. On the next screen, all your Inbox emails will display.
  16. To view an email, just tap on its header.

You have now seen how to set up Yahoo Mail on your iPhone.