If you prefer to send an email with sensitive information without revealing your identity, you can send it anonymously. This article shows you the procedure for sending an anonymous email in three different ways. Continue to read this section and learn how to send an anonymous email.

how to send an anonymous email

Create a new email account

  1. The best way to send the emails anonymously is to create a new email account using Gmail, Yahoo, or any other email service provider.
  2. While creating a new account, ensure that you shoulddo not use your information at any point.
  3. Some email service providers will ask for your phone number for verification.
  4. If you really want to be anonymous while sending your emails, it is advisable not to create an email address using these email service providers.
  5. However, even if you don’t give your personal information, they can track your IP address and collect your data. To tackle this, in addition to creating a new email address, you should utilize a Virtual Private Network to hide your IP address.

Make use of Burner email

  1. Burner emails enable you to send and receive emails without exposing your identity.
  2. These emails will expire in a short period. TheyIt also enables you to send emails without creating an account.

Encrypted email services

  1. Encrypted email services enable you to encrypt your emails, inbox, and contact lists. So, no one can sneak atinto the content of your emails. Moreover, it is an ideal choice for securing your information.
  2. Some email providers offer specific features, such as anonymous payments and self-destructing emails. You can choose one among them to send your emails anonymously.

Virtual Private Network

  1. The techniques mentioned above can help you send your emails anonymously. You can choose the method you prefer.
  2. But, whichever way you use, you should always send your emails using a VPN.
  3. A VPN enables you to hide your IP address. As previously mentioned, a VPN can help you conceal your identity by masking the IP address.
  4. VPN also hides your online activity. But, it is always recommended to use only a trusted VPN with a zero-logs policy.

This is how to send an anonymous email. If you have any other questions, get back to us for expert assistance.