How to Send a Letter in the Mail?

Sending a letter in the USPS mail is easy if you are in the US. It is the typical mail delivery method where you could drop a letter in your mailbox (with a little flag) and let the mail carrier process the rest. Keep reading this page to know more about sending a letter in the mail.

How to Send a Letter in the Mail?

Step 1: Choosing an envelope or postcard

When mailing a letter, the postage cost depends on the size and shape of your letter. It is recommended to use standard sizes that fit through the automated mail processing equipment. 


If you choose an envelope (made of paper), it must be flat. If it does not fit into the automated mail processing equipment, it is considered non-machinable and costs much more to process your mail. Make sure to choose a rectangular envelope to qualify for letter prices. 


If you choose a postcard, it must be rectangular to qualify for First-Class Mail prices. Also, it should not be oversized. If so, it will be charged as a letter or a large envelope.

Step 2: Addressing your Mail

You need to specify your address and the recipient’s address in the correct spots. When you are printing addresses, use capital letters. If you are writing the address, use a pen or permanent marker. It is suggested to use the ZIP-code whenever asked. The recipient’s address should be written or printed at the bottom center of the envelope. The sender’s address should be written or printed at the top-left corner of your envelope/postcard.

Step 3: Calculate and apply postage cost

The stamps required for your mail depends on the destination, size, and weight of your letter. The First-Class mail forever letter stamp costs $0.55 to $0.35 for a postcard. You can get postage for your envelope from the Postal Store, Click-N-Ship, or Post Office.

Step 4: Sending your mail

To send your letter inside a stamped envelope or postcard, drop it in your mailbox and let your mail carrier pick up. Alternatively, you can drop it off in a blue collection box or directly take it to a Post Office lobby drop.