How to Resolve MBOX File Errors for Apple Mail?

Several file formats are available for storing email messages. One of them is Mailbox, shortly called MBOX. The specialty of MBOX is that it can hold various email messages in a single file format.

How to Resolve MBOX File Errors for Apple Mail

MBOX, which was implemented on Unix in the beginning, is now being used across a variety of platforms and email clients. The main purpose of MBOX is to store and organize email messages. If you face any errors with the MBOX email systems on your Mac (Apple Mail), continue reading this article. You will get to know the types of errors and error messages and the ways to resolve them.

Why do you encounter issues with MBOX?

Since MBOX uses a single file format for storing and organizing email messages, the file might get over-sized due to a large number of emails. A single bulky email might make the file size much bigger. Furthermore, any issues with one of the emails stored on MBOX can also result in the whole database getting unusable or corrupted.

Users find many problems when they try to import MBOX files into Apple Mail. A few of the error messages are given here:

  1. Some messages could not be imported
  2. Your Mail Index has been corrupted.

In some situations, your email messages will just go blank.

Where there is a problem, there will definitely be a solution. The solutions range from a simple rebuild to a complex recovery operation, but it depends on the severity of the errors in MBOX.

Rebuilding your mailbox:

Using this method, you can easily and quickly get rid of all the unwanted email messages in your MBOX folders. You can also use this option if you find that some of your email messages are missing.

Now, to rebuild your mailbox, carry out these instructions:

  1. On your computer/device, launch Apple Mail.
  2. When you are within Apple Mail, choose the folders that need to be rebuilt.
  3. At the top of your Apple Mail, you can see the Mailbox menu option. Click on it.
  4. From the displayed options, select Rebuild.

You have now successfully rebuilt your mailbox.

Restoring the preferences:

You have to be extremely careful during this procedure because if you remove the wrong files, you might have to face additional errors. When you perform this procedure, the .plist file will be recreated.

Now, to restore the preferences, follow the steps given here:

  1. In case you are using a Mac operating system that is above the 10.7 version, you have to navigate to the directory given below: ~/Library/Containers/
  2. For a Mac versions 10.4 to 10.6, you have to access the directory provided here: ~/Library/Preferences.
  3. Once you are in the directory, drag the file and drop it on the desktop.
  4. When you reopen Apple Mail, the application will create a new preference file.

Exporting your mailboxes:

Your MBOX files can be easily imported to several other platforms. In Mac OS X, you can utilize the Archiving or the Exporting option to export your email messages.

Now, follow the steps given here to export your mailboxes:

  • First, you have to find the mailbox folder that has to be imported. To do this task, go to the root mailbox folder and locate the particular mailbox folder.
  • Open Apple Mail on your computer and then click on the File menu at the top. From the displayed options, select Import Mailboxes.
  • Now, select Apple Mail (as your email client) and then click on the Continue button.
  • It is now time to locate your MBOX file. Once you have found it, you have to click on the Choose option.
  • You will now find a confirmation screen that informs you about the imported files’ location.

You have successfully fixed the MBOX file errors on Apple Mail.