How to Remove Attachments from Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo! Mail lets you send, receive, and modify emails as per your needs. You can also add attachments to your composed emails. If you find any unnecessary attachments in the composed email, you can remove them before sending the mail. Quick methods given below explains how to remove attachments from Yahoo! Mail.

How to Remove Attachments from Yahoo Mail?

Method 1: Using the website

If you have composed your email on your computer, then perform the steps given below.

  1. At the bottom of the composed window, you can find the attachments. If you can’t see them, scroll down the window.
  2. Now, select the attachment you wish to remove or delete.
  3. Move the cursor over the selected one.
  4. After a while, an X symbol will appear at the top-right corner.
  5. Click on the X symbol to remove the selected attachment. 
  6. Now, the selected attachment has been removed from the list.
  7. If you wish to remove all the attachments from your email, then click the Remove All option at the top of the attachment list.

That’s it. The attachments have been removed from your email.

Method 2: Using the Mobile app

  • Open the Attachments header by tapping the down arrow beside it.
  • In this section, you can find all the attachments.
  • Now, select the attachment(s) you wish to remove.
  • After selecting the attachment, tap the X button available beside the selected one.
  • Now, a confirmation window will pop-up.
  • In the pop-up window, tap Remove to initiate the removal process.
  • Now, the selected attachment will be removed.
  • Similarly, remove all the attachments from the composed email one-by-one, because currently, there is no Remove all option available in the Yahoo Mail app.

That’s it! Removing an attachment from Yahoo Mail is that easy.