How to Put Your Mail on Hold While You’re Away?

If you’re not going to be home for several days, then there is a chance the mails sent to you to pile up or go missing. To avoid this situation, you can put all your mails on hold for 30 days or less by requesting the US Postal Service (USPS). It will hold all your mail for a specific period while you’re away.

How to Put Your Mail on Hold While You're Away?

To know how to put your mail on hold by using USPS, scroll down this page.

There are three ways:

  • Submit a hold mail request
  • Modify or cancel a hold mail request
  • Forward your mail to a temporary address

Now, let’s see all the three steps in detail.

Step 1: Submit a hold mail request

  1. Initially, you need to submit a hold mail request to USPS. To do it, first, create a USPS account by visiting the web page. Make sure to create a unique username. 
  2. Once you create an account, sign into it.
  3. Now, select the First Day of Service and the Last Day of Service as per your desire. If you’re not available for more than 30 days, then you can select the Mail Forward option.
  4. After selecting the time period, choose a delivery option from the Carrier delivers accumulated mail drop-down menu. Once the hold period ends, your mail(s) will be delivered based on the selected delivery option.
  5. The next step is to fill the authorization form. You can get the authorization form from the nearby local post office or the page. 
  6. The downloadable form is not fillable, so you need to print it out and enter the required information manually using a black or blue pen. The filled authorization form should be submitted to your local post office. 
  7. Now, the online service will ask you a series of questions to verify your identity. Answer the questions correctly.
  8. Once the information is entered correctly, the USPS verifies your details. In case the USPS fails to verify your details, then you need to submit your request in person. 
  9. To do it, visit your local post office and complete the process.
  10. Once you have submitted your Hold Mail request successfully, you’ll get a confirmation number. Make sure to keep this number safe.

Step 2: Modify or cancel a hold mail request

  1. If you want to modify or cancel your hold mail request, then visit your local post office with your confirmation number. 
  2. te: Without your confirmation number, the USPS agents will not change or cancel your hold mail request. 
  3. Along with your confirmation number, make sure to take your primary identification (ID issued by your government).
  4. You can modify or cancel your request over a phone call. To do it, visit the and enter your city and ZIP code.
  5. If you take more than 30 days to come back to your home, you can suggest someone else pick up your mail if required. To do so, write a hand-written letter of permission and sign it. Send the letter to the person who will be picking up your mail. You can perform this step before Hold request end. 

Step 3: Forward your mail to a temporary address

  1. Instead of asking someone else to pick up your mail, you can also forward your mail to a temporary address. 
  2. To do so, visit the USPS online site or your local post office and specify the date you want the forwarding service to begin.
  3. If you want to forward all your mails once a week, then use the premium mail forwarding feature. 
  4. To set up the mail forward service online, go to Click the Sign in button. Enter your USPS account credentials and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.