How to Make a New Yahoo! Email on Your Same Yahoo! Mail Account?

Yahoo allows you to create a new email address from your first email account. The second email address will be linked to your first email account, so you can log in with your second email address. All the email messages of the first and second email addresses will be available in the same Inbox. Also, you can use the other Yahoo services with the second email address. When sending an email, you can choose either the first or second email address. Continue reading on how to make a new Yahoo email on your same Yahoo Mail Account.

How to Make a New Yahoo! Email on Your Same Yahoo! Mail Account?

Step-1: Create a Yahoo email

  1. Launch a browser on your computer and visit the Yahoo Mail login page.
  2. Sign in to your Yahoo mail account.
  3. Once the main screen appears, click the Gear icon at the upper corner and select Settings.
  4. Under Settings, select Accounts from the left side panel.
  5. On the right panel, you can view different email accounts and social network links.
  6. Click the email icon below Email addresses to open the account settings.
  7. On the next screen, click Create address under Extra email address.
  8. Next, enter your new Yahoo email address below Create a new Yahoo! Mail address.
  9. Click Check Availability to verify if the email address is available.
  10. Following that, enter the Captcha code to verify and create the email address.

Step-2: Use the new email address

  • After creating the email address, return to the main screen.
  • In the Compose menu on the left panel, you can find a drop-down arrow.
  • Click the arrow and select the newly created Yahoo email address.
  • If you want to change the default email address of the account, go to the Settings menu and select the email address under Writing email.
  • Check the Inbox to see the emails received on your new Yahoo email address.
  • Log out of your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Enter the new email address and the old email password to log into the Yahoo Mail account.
  • You can also select the new email address to receive replies to the sent emails.
  • Click the gear icon and then select Settings > Accounts.
  • Choose the new email address in the Accounts menu.
  • Select the new email in the Reply-to address menu.