How to Mail a Link from an iPad?

In some scenarios, you would want to share a particular link with a friend or colleague. For example, if you and one of your friends are trying to lose weight, and then you find a wonderful link that contains weight-loss tips while browsing on your iPad, you might wish to share that link with your friend. So, you will want to know how to mail the link from your iPad to your friend’s email address. Now, we will be looking into the procedure to do just that.

How to Mail a Link from an iPad

There are two methods using which you can mail a specific link from your iPad to your friend/colleague. Let us dive into both these methods in detail:

Method 1-By utilizing the Share button:

  1. On the Home screen of your iPad, please click on the Safari icon to open the Safari web browser.
  2. You can also launch any other web browser like Firefox or Chrome if you have it installed on your iPad. The instructions will be the same for any browser on an iOS device.
  3. Now, please navigate to the webpage that you wish to share with your friend.
  4. Next, locate the Share button displayed at the top-right corner of your screen. Now, tap on that button.
  5. You will now see that a new menu pops up. From the menu, tap the Mail option. This option will be distinguished by the envelope icon.
  6. Now, please perform any one of the following tasks:
  7. You can choose the Message icon for messaging directly to contacts or groups. You will find that the New Message screen displays. Here, you can select your recipients and then send your link through iMessage.
  8. You can also save the desired links to your Notes app by clicking on the Add to Notes option.
  9. The next step will be to type the email address of the person with whom you want to share your link.
  10. You can see that a new Mail message pops up, and your link will be included in it. You will also find that the subject line of your email message contains the page title, which you can edit and modify as per your need.
  11. Now, in the space provided for the To field, please type in the email addresses of the recipient(s) with whom you are going to share the link.
  12. If required, add any additional text to the body of your message.
  13. Important Note: In this method, the default email account that is linked to your iOS email client will be used automatically. In case you want to send the link from an alternate email account, you can use a different method.
  14. Finally, tap the Send button.
  15. Your email, along with the link, will get delivered to your recipient(s) just like any standard message.

Method 2-By copying and pasting:

  • On the Home screen of your iPad, please click on the Safari icon to open the Safari web browser.
  • You can also use any other web browser like Firefox or Chrome if you have it installed on your iPad. Since the steps will not differ from one browser to another on an iOS device, you can use any major web browser.
  • Now, please remember that we are going to use this method instead of tapping the Share button. In this method, we will use the basic “copy-paste” technique.
  • Now, let us see when exactly you can utilize this method:
    1. This copy-paste method is beneficial if you are going to use an email account that is not linked to your iOS client.
    2. The method will be useful when you wish to add a URL to an existing email thread.
    3. It would be helpful when you want to include more than a single URL in the same email.
  • Now, let us continue with the procedure:
  • Once you have opened the web browser on your iPad, navigate to the webpage that you want to share with your friend(s)/colleague(s).
  • Next, please click on the URL in the address bar to select it. Make sure that you select the entire link.
  • When you highlight the desired text, you will find that the Copy button displays on your screen. Now, select this button.
  • Next, open the preferred email client, such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook.
  • You can now compose a fresh email or reply to an existing thread. In the To field, please enter the email addresses of your recipients. You can also add your own address.
  • Next, in the subject line, type the desired text.
  • It is now time to paste the link you have copied a few minutes back. To do the same, just tap and hold the desired spot inside the body of your email. You will find that a Paste option gets displayed.
  • Now, select the Paste option. The link will be pasted to the body of your email.
  • If necessary, include any additional text above or below the pasted link.
  • When you are completely satisfied with the appearance of your email, please click on the Send button, as you normally do for sending any email.
  • The email, along with your link, will be sent to the addresses of the recipient(s) you have included in the To field.

We have now discussed two different methods to mail a link from your iPad to the intended recipient(s).