How to Mail a Letter?

A letter is one of the oldest and effective ways of communication. Although today’s world enjoys the cushion of modern telecommunication methods like text messages and e-mails, some users still prefer to send a letter to their loved ones. With today’s technology, you can easily mail a letter online. The overall process is easy and simple. You have to look for the correct envelope for your letter. If you select an envelope very lightly, heavy contents may break when it’s in transit. There are some considerations for choosing an envelope.

How to Mail a Letter

Step 1: Selecting an envelope

  1. The weight of the paper of the envelope should be correct and check the weight of the other content you are mailing. For heavy letters, select a sturdy envelope that can handle weights.
  2. The envelope size matters and it should be proper according to the content inside it. 
  3. Choosing the intent of the letter depends upon your wish. It can be the professional-looking or business-size envelope. You can send a personal note if you wish.

Step 2: Sealing the envelope

  1. Place the letter inside the envelope and glue it.
  2. You can seal the envelope with tape for extra protection.

Step 3: Addressing the envelope

  1. Enter the recipient’s address in the middle of the envelope on the front. The name of your recipient, house number, street name, city, state, and zip code should be included in the address. 
  2. Also, give a return address in the envelope so that the letter will be returned back to you if the delivery is not successful.

Step 4: Stamping

  1. You have to paste a stamp on the envelope according to the weight of the letter. 
  2. Step 5: Mailing

  3. If you have a mailbox near your home, you can drop your letter there. 
  4. Otherwise, use the blue collection box to drop letters.