How to Hide Ads in Yahoo Mail?

How to Hide Ads in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is one of the most preferred email services. However, some ads might appear on your account page for a long time. It might be quite annoying when you want to access your emails. You could see these Ads in empty folders, left or right column, and inline with your emails.

To know how to hide ads in Yahoo Mail, refer to the step-by-step instructions on this web page.

Hide Inline Ads in free Yahoo Mail

Access your Yahoo Mail account from a web browser.
  • Click the down arrow icon at the right side and select the I don’t like this ad
  • Choose the It’s offensive, I keep seeing this, It’s not relevant, or Something else
  • Click the Done
  • Note: You cannot hide Inline ads in the free version of Yahoo Mail Basic or the free Yahoo Mail mobile app.

Hide right-column ads in Yahoo Mail

  1. Login to your Yahoo Mail account.
  2. Click the X icon in the right-column ad.
  3. Select the Stop seeing this ad
  4. Choose the Already bought this, Ad covered content, Not interested in this ad, or Seen this ad multiple times

These procedures will hide the inline and right-column ads temporarily. If you want to hide them permanently, you have to purchase a Yahoo Mail Pro subscription.

Instead of purchasing the subscription, you can hide ads in Yahoo Mail permanently using extensions. To do this, carry out the steps given below.

On Google Chrome

  1. Navigate to the Chrome menu, click the more tools  option, and select the Extensions
  2. On the bottom, click the Get more extensions
  3. Search for the AdBlock
  4. Once you click the + Free button beside the AdBlock  extension, select the Add
  5. After the download, click the AdBlock icon on the top of the browser.
  6. Select the Options
  7. Navigate to the Filter Lists tab and select the EasyList (recommended)
  8. Once done, access your Yahoo Mail account from the Google Chrome browser.
  9. The AdBlock extension will block the ads automatically.
  10. Now you have learned how to Hide Ads in Yahoo Mail.