How to Group Mail by Thread on an iPhone?

You can group or organize your email messages by a thread for a cleaner inbox. Threads are groups of related email messages. In general, each thread contains an original email, a response to it, and forwards of it. All these will be arranged in chronological order. The iPhone supports the Threading feature. The steps to enable Threading are provided on this web page.

How to Group Mail by Thread on an iPhone?

Enabling the Threading feature on your iPhone (iOS 12, iOS 11, and iOS 10)

  1. Locate the Settings application on your iPhone and tap its icon.
  2. Select the Mail option.
  3. Navigate to the Threading section and then turn on the toggle switch beside the ‘Organize by Thread’ option.
  4. Note: You have to treat a thread like an individual email message. If you delete any thread, all its related emails will be deleted too.

Threading settings

Some of the additional options in the Threading section are listed below for your reference.

Collate Read Messages

By default, the Collapse Read Messages feature is enabled on iOS 11. If this feature is enabled, all the email messages in a thread will be collapsed. When you open a thread, you can easily access all new email messages in the thread.

Most Recent Message on Top

All the recent messages will be at the top of the thread. By default, this feature is enabled on iOS 10.

Complete Threads

You can view all your emails in a thread even after moving any emails to a different mailbox.

  • If you do not want to use the Threading feature, turn off the toggle switch next to the ‘Organize by Thread’ option.
  • Note: You can enable or disable this feature whenever you want.