How To Enable iCloud Mail?

How To Enable iCloud Mail

With the help of an iCloud email account, you will be able to send, receive, and organize your emails. When you want to add the iCloud email on your iPhone, you need to use the account name associated with the other Apple services. Since the Apple email and password are universal and exclusive for just Apple products, you do not need to create a new email address and password for the iCloud account.

The changes made in your Apple account will be applied everywhere, irrespective of the device you are using. The iCloud email is a free service and it is not only available for Mac and iOS users, but also for the Windows and Android devices.

Follow the steps given below to add the iCloud email to an iPhone.

  1. Tap the Settings icon on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down the menu and tap the iCloud option.
  3. You will see the profile menu where you have to add the Apple ID and the Apple password.
  4. Enter the Apple Email address and the Apple password in the respective fields.
  5. Tap the Sign In button once you are done.
  6. You can later turn on the services you want to sync with the iPhone like Calendars, Reminders, etc.
  7. Once the Sign in is done, the iCloud email will be shown in your Mail app.
  8. Tap the Mail app to open the iCloud email.

Following the steps as described above, will enable the iCloud account on your iPhone device.