Everyone prefers to stay away from unwanted emails as these emails can pile up and affect their inboxes significantly. To help you in that regard, Windows mail gives you an option to block unwanted senders. If you want to know how to block senders in windows live mail, you have reached the right place. Read this article and blocking the unwanted senders in Email.

Block senders in windows live mail inbox

In Windows Live Mail, you can block the senders in two different methods. You can open an email from the sender you want to block and add the sender of that email to the blocked list. You can also go to the Safety page in Live mail and add the email addresses of the senders you want to block. For the detailed procedure, read the upcoming sections.

Method 1: Add Email Addresses To Your Block List

  1. Log in to your Windows Live email and locate any message from the sender (you want to block). 
  2. Right-click on that email and choose Junk email> Add sender to block sender list.
  3. Now, Windows will show you the confirmation message.
  4. If you don’t want to see the confirmation message every time, you can check the box next to the Don’t show me this again option.

Method 2: Block The Sender’s Email Addresses Manually

  1. Log in to your Windows Live Mail.
  2. Click Options> Safety.
  3. In the Safety dialog box, click the Blocked senders option.
  4. It will show you the blocked senders list in alphabetical order. 
  5. To add a sender to the blocked list, click the Add button and enter his/her email address in the respective fields.
  6. Finally, click OK.

Hereafter, you will not receive any email from the blocked sender. If you still have queries, get back to us for remote assistance from our expert team.