How to Block Emails in Outlook?

Many a time, unwanted emails might fill up your inbox. It can be spam messages or even legitimate marketing messages. Whatever be the case, you would just wish that you don’t receive such unnecessary email messages.

Sometimes, you might even want to block the emails that you receive from a particular sender. Outlook allows you to do this in a very simple and convenient way.

Let us see how to block a specific email address in Outlook.

The following method will block an individual sender from sending you any emails:

  1. First, open Outlook on your computer. Next, click the Home tab.
  2. Now, right-click any one of your spam emails (that you have received from an unwanted sender) and then choose the Junk option.
  3. Now, from the list of options under the Junk title, select the Block Sender option. This action will automatically filter that specific sender’s future email messages into your Junk folder.

Now, consider the following method, to set automatic junk mail filtering:

  • Open Outlook on your computer and go to the menu bar at the top. Click the Junk icon.
  • Now, choose Junk E-mail Options.
  • A pop-up named Junk Email Options will appear on your screen. On this pop-up, you will find a list of options. These options will indicate various levels of filtering.
  • From this list, choose the radio button next to the appropriate level of filtering. You can select an option based on your requirements.
  • Once you have finished selecting your option, click on the OK button.

Note: In case you wish to use stricter settings, you might lose some legitimate emails.

We have now seen how to block emails from a particular sender in Outlook. We have also discussed the method to set the appropriate level of filtering.

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