How to Automatically CC or BCC yourself in Outlook?

How to Automatically CC or BCC yourself in Outlook

Carbon Copy (CC) and Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) helps you to keep a copy of the emails that you send from your email account. If you can automatically CC and BCC the emails, then whenever an email message is created, the CC and BCC are added, and your email address will be filled in. This helps you to keep track of the email messages you send from your email account. Read more on how to automatically CC or BCC yourself in Outlook in the below section.

On Outlook 2020:

  1. Launch the Outlook app on the screen and click the File menu.
  2. In the Info section, select the Account Information menu and click the email account in which you have to perform the changes.
  3. Following that, select the Manage Rules & Alerts menu.
  4. In the next window, under Email Rules, click the New Rule option, and then go to the Start from a blank rule section.
  5. Choose any one of the templates and tick the checkbox of Apply rule on message I send.
  6. Select the Next button to apply the changes.
  7. You can now select the email conditions for the CC is to be attached to emails automatically.
  8. If you did not select the condition, the CC is added to all the Outlook email messages.
  9. Once again, click Next when the system prompts the message that the rule is applied to all the emails you are sending.
  10. Now select Yes and go on to select a rule to send the emails in the group and edit the rule for the public group or people.
  11. Once the settings are done, click the OK button on-screen and make exception settings if required.
  12. Restart the Outlook app and test the settings by composing an email message to send.