How To Access Comcast Cable Modem Settings?

How To Access Comcast Cable Modem Settings

You can access your Comcast cable modem settings in various methods. Keep reading the instructions given on this page to know how to access Comcast cable modem settings using the Xfinity Admin Tool.

  1. You need to identify the Xfinity Admin Toolsettings such as username and password before accessing the cable modem settings.
  2. Connect your cable modem/router toyour computer using a standard Ethernet cable.
  3. You can also connect them wirelessly with the help of wireless settings such as SSID and network key.
  4. The wireless settings are available on the router’s label.
  5. Once you have connected your computer to your router, open the default browser.
  6. Enter your router’s IP address in the URLfield and press the Enter
  7. You will now be directed to the router’s login portal.
  8. You can identify the router IP address either from your router’s label or computer.
  9. If you have connected a Windowscomputer, open the Command Prompt app with administrator rights.
  10. Type ‘ipconfig’ in the Command Promptwindow and press the Enter 
  11. Navigate to the Default Gatewaysection and note down your router’s IP address.
  12. If you are using a Macintosh, click the Applemenu at the top-left corner and select the System Preferences
  13. Click Networkin the System Preferences window and select Advanced.
  14. Go to the TCP/IP tab to identify your router’s IP address.
  15. Once you have accessed the router’s login portal, enter the default login credentials such as ‘admin’ and ‘password’ in the Username and Passwordfields if you have not yet changed them.
  16. After entering the correct login credentials, click the Login
  17. You have now learned how to access your Comcast cable modem settings.
  18. If you have any difficulties to know how to access Comcast cable modem settings, contact our technical support team.