How To Transfer Aol Mail To Gmail Account?

How To Transfer Aol Mail To Gmail Account

Are you looking to transfer your emails from AOL Mail to a Gmail account? Then you have reached the right page.

Generally, most people transfer their emails from one account to another when they are migrating to the other email account. Or else, people transfer emails when they want all their emails in a single inbox. Gmail is a free web-based email service that allows you to link any other email account to it. The below section explains how to transfer Aol mail to Gmail account.

There are two methods using which you can have your AOL emails on Gmail.

  1. Manual method
  2. Using a third-party software

Here we have provided the steps for the former.

Manual method to transfer emails from AOL Mail to Gmail

  1. Initially, you have to take a copy of your AOL Mail account details that you wish to transfer.
  2. Create a folder and select/move your emails to that folder.
  3. Now, sign in to your Gmail account.
  4. Click the Gear icon to access your Gmail account’s Settings page.
  5. Locate and click on the Import mails and contacts option.
  6. Now, click the What account you want to import from? option.
  7. In the given fields, enter your AOL Mail account credentials and click on the Continue button.
  8. Check whether the Import contacts and Import emails options are selected.
  9. If not, select them.
  10. Choose the Add label to all Imported mails option if required.
  11. Click on the Start Import or Import button followed by OK.
  12. Now, the AOL Mail account details will be transferred to the Gmail account.
  13. From now on, all the emails that are sent to your AOL Mail account can be viewed on your Gmail account.

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