How Do I Fix Imap Gmail Error

Follow the simple, quick steps given below to resolve the IMAP Gmail error:
  1. If this error is displayed on your computer screen, check your system’s internet connection.
  2. If your network connection is not stable, then re-configure it for the smooth functioning of all the services.
  3. Check if you have configured your Gmail IMAP account settings correctly.
  4. Re-check the entered information. If required, change your Gmail IMAP account settings to fix the Gmail Error.
  5. If the IMAP Gmail error’s has occurred on your iPhone device, then remove and re-add your account.
  6. After resetting the account settings, check if the IMAP Gmail error is resolved successfully.
  7. Make sure that the SSL option is disabled.
  8. If the SSL option is enabled, then there is a chance for this issue to occur.
  9. If you find the SSL option is disabled, enable it and check if the issue is resolved.
  10. To get more remote assistance in fixing this issue, click the Call button available on this screen to fix the Imap Gmail Error.