Hidden Features in Microsoft Outlook You Might ve Overlooked?

Hidden Features in Microsoft Outlook You Might ve Overlooked

Microsoft Outlook is one of the free email clients that provides access to users to add and access multiple email accounts. Outlook has various hidden features that many users are unaware of. Using the Outlook app, you can ignore the conversation, chat with the Outlook server, create conditional formatting, add, change, or remove multiple time zones, delay email delivery, and recall an email. If you wish to manage your Outlook app with more advanced features, you must be aware of each and every feature. Keep reading to get yourselves introduced to Outlook’s exciting features. Follow the quick steps given on our site regarding the usage of the Outlook app features.

Feature 1: Recalling a sent mail

  1. In the Outlook app, you can recall a sent email if you have messaged incorrectly.
  2. Go to the left-side panel and select the Sent Items folder.
  3. From the list of sent emails, select the one that you have miswritten.
  4. Click the Message tab and select the Actions menu.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select the Recall This Message option.
  6. Next, select the desired option from the Recall this Message window.
  7. You can either delete the sent message or replace it with a new one.
  8. Make sure that the recipient did not read the sent email.
  9. This feature will be applicable if both the recipient and the sender use the Exchange account.

Feature 2: Delaying the Delivery of an Email

  • Launch the Outlook app and compose a new email.
  • Select the More Options drop-down arrow from the Tags group.
  • Under the Delivery options section, enable the ‘Do not deliver before’ checkbox and enter the delivery date & time for the email.
  • Click the Close button followed by Send to schedule the email delivery time.
  • Now, the email message will remain in the Outbox folder until the specified time.

Feature 3: Creating a To-Do Folder

  • You can organize multiple tasks under a common folder configured for your email account.
  • Creating multiple subfolders makes your profile more organized.
  • To create a folder, right-click on the Inbox folder and select the New Folder option from the pop-up menu.
  • Enter a name for the created folder.
  • Once again, create a new folder by giving a right-click on the created folder.
  • Using these steps, you can create multiple subfolders.