Gmail Smtp Scan to Email

Most of the latest printers available in the market support the Scan to Email option. Now, if you wish to send an email from your printer, scanner, or app, then you can perform it using G Suite settings like G Suite relay service, Gmail SMTP server, and Restricted Gmail SMTP server.

First, check the G Suite settings supported by your device or app and select them. After selecting the configuration option, begin the Gmail Scan to Email setup process.

Gmail Smtp Scan to Email

G-Suite SMTP relay service requirements:

  1. You can send relay up to 10,000 recipients per day.
  2. All suspicious emails received on your mail account will be rejected automatically.
  3. Server address:
  4. Port 25, 465, or 587 can be used.
  5. You can use either Static IP address a valid G Suite for authentication.

Gmail SMTP server requirements:

  1. If you want to send or receive emails from anyone inside or outside of your organization, then you can use these settings.
  2. Through this settings, you can send up to 2000 messages.
  3. The anti-spam filters option blocks all suspicious emails.
  4. Server address:
  5. Port: 465, 587.
  6. Dynamic IPs are allowed.
  7. For authentication, use either your full Gmail address or G Suite email address.

Restricted Gmail SMTP server requirements:

If you wish to send the scanned copy of your document only to Gmail or G Suite users, then you can prefer these settings.

  • Like the other two settings, this setting also blocks suspicious emails.
  • Server address:
  • Authentication is not required.
  • Configuration options: Port 25, TLS, Dynamic IP.

Now, to configure your printer, scanner, or app to send the scanned document to email using the G-Suite settings, follow the steps given below.

G Suite SMTP relay:

g suite SMTP relay
  1. First of all, sign in to Google Admin console.
  2. Click Apps > G Suite > Gmail > Advanced settings.
  3. Now, locate the SMTP relay service option and click the Configure button beside it.
  4. Configure the SMTP relay settings correctly.
  5. Make sure to enter the address in the corresponding field.
  6. Finally, click the OK button.

Gmail SMTP Server:

  • First, check if the 2-step verification option is enabled on your account.
  • If yes, create an App password and then configure Gmail SMTP Server.
  • In the server address field, enter
  • Enter 465 (SSL) or 587 (TLS) in the corresponding Port field.
  • Make sure to enter the authentication information correctly.

Restricted Gmail SMTP Server:

  • Connect your device or app to the restricted SMTP server using the server address and port 25.
  • Enter your device IP address in your Google Admin console page.
  • Perform the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

Once you have completed the configuration process, perform the scan to email operation using Gmail.

  • Scan the document using your printer or app.
  • After scanning, try to send the scanned document to the email.
  • If you encounter any issue while sending the scanned document, check and re-perform the configuration process as instructed above.

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