Email not sending messages

Email not sending messages

Email is a significant means of professional communication. You can send or receive emails from anywhere or any person in the world. It will be frustrating if any of the emails has not been delivered and is kept staying in the outbox. Being unable to send an email may cause damage or loss to your productivity and also may end in losing a valuable opportunity. It is due to some technical issues that can be easily solved by troubleshooting. Let us see how to fix the issue of email not sending messages.

Steps to fix email not sending messages

Check your Internet connection

Check whether you have a strong internet connection for the email to load. You cannot send it if your internet connection is poor. So check whether the internet connection is strong and if it is not, try connecting the device with another Wi-Fi network and sending it.

Reset Mail app

  1. Open your PC, go to the Start menu, and select Settings.
  2. Select Apps and Features from the list and search and locate the Mail app.
  3. Select Mail and Calendar from the list and scroll down to select Reset.
  4. Click on the Restart option again and close the Settings page.
  5. Now, restart the PC and wait until the restarting process gets complete.
  6. Access your mail app now and provide the correct credentials, such as username and password.
  7. Now compose a mail and send to the person you want to and make sure the issue is solved.

Control your Antivirus

Emails cannot be sent if the antivirus software runs in the background and clashes with the outgoing mail server. Firewall or antivirus may block the server, so check whether it blocks or not. If yes, then try stopping the antivirus program temporarily and send an email.

Uninstall and reinstall

If the above methods don’t work, then try uninstalling the Mail app. Go to Settings and select Apps and Features. Choose Mail and Calendar from the list and select Uninstall. Now, go to the official web page of Microsoft and reinstall the Mail and Calendar for your PC’s OS. Now try accessing your mail account, compose a mail and make sure the email is sent to the recipient.