Fix: Delegated Approver Not Receiving Email

Delegated Approver Not Receiving Email

Salesforce is an acclaimed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that can help marketing teams to connect with their customers efficiently. When an original approver cannot respond to the emails, he can delegate his responsibilities to another user. However, the delegated approver may not receive the emails due to several reasons. This web page shows you the best solutions to troubleshoot the “delegated approver not receiving email” problem.

Check If The Emails Are Stored In Spam

  1. If a delegated approver is not receiving the emails, check if they have been filtered through the Spam folder.
  2. In your email account, check spam and promotions. If you cannot locate your emails in the Spam folder, check if the Handshake’s domain is blocked. If so, ask your IT department to unblock the Handshake domain and check the quarantined emails.
  3. If your emails are not stored in Spam and the Handshake domain is not blocked, there might be other reasons behind the issue. So, proceed to the following troubleshooting methods.

Send The Approval Mail Again

Sometimes, resending the approval email can help you fix this problem efficiently. To do it, navigate to the Experience section and go to the Approvals tab.

Go To The Approvals Tab

Choose the approver who is encountering trouble in receiving the emails and select the Send Approval Email button.

Send The Approval Via The Link

If the approver still cannot receive emails, send a copy of the approval link to the approver outside the Handshake domain. This can direct him to that particular link so that they can access the emails without any trouble. The following instructions will guide you in that regard.

  1. Navigate to the Experience section and click the Approvals tab.
  2. Click the Approval Link and copy it. Then send this link to the approver via any other platform other than Handshake.
  3. Click The Approval Link And Copy

Update The Approver Status

  1. If the delegated approver is still facing issues in receiving emails, the problem might be with the approver’s details. In that case, you can resolve the problem by updating the approver’s information directly via the Career Services office.
  2. As a Career Services admin, you can directly update your delegated approver’s information. Just go to the Approvals tab and select the approver. Click the Edit icon and update all the approval information of this individual. Once done, click the Save button.
  3. Click The Save Button
  4. Now, ask the delegated approver to check whether he can receive the emails.

If the problem is still not rectified, get in touch with our expert team.