Comcast Server Imap Settings


You can access your Comcast email account from a web browser using its ID and password. Instead of this, if you prefer to configure your email account in an email client, you have to use the correct server settings. The manufacturer recommends the users to set up a Comcast email account using IMAP settings. Using POP might cause problems when you check your emails from more than one device.  The Comcast server IMAP and SMTP settings are given here.


Comcast Server Imap Settings


Incoming (IMAP) mail server – Comcast

  • Incoming mail server name –
  • Incoming mail server port – 993
  • Incoming mail server encryption – SSL

Outgoing (SMTP) mail server -Comcast

  • Outgoing mail server name –
  • Outgoing mail server port – 587 or 465
  • Outgoing mail server encryption – TLS or SSL


  • You have to provide your Comcast email address and password.


The simple steps to configure your Comcast email account using IMAP settings in some popular email clients are provided on this page.


Manual setup of the Comcast email account using IMAP in Outlook 2013


  • Launch the Microsoft Outlook 2013email client.
  • Navigate to the Filemenu at the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Click the Account Settingsdrop-down menu.
  • Choose the Account Settings
  • To configure a new email account in Outlook 2013, click the New
  • In the Choose Servicewindow, select the E-mail Account radio button and click Next.
  • For the manual configuration, select the Manual setup or additional server typesradio button and click Next.
  • Choose POP or IMAPand then click the Next
  • Provide the Comcast server IMAP settings as given below.
    • Your Name– Your display name
    • Email address– Your Comcast email address
    • Account Type– IMAP
    • Incoming mail server–
    • Outgoing mail server–
    • User Name– Your Comcast email address
    • Password– Your Comcast password
  • Move the cursor tothe More Settings button and click it.
  • In the Outgoing Servertab, checkmark the box beside the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
  • Now, choose the Use same settings as my incoming mail server
  • Move to the Advancedtab and enter the following information.
  • Incoming

    • Incoming server (IMAP) – 993
    • Use the following type of encrypted connection- SSL


    • Outgoing server (SMTP) – 587
    • Use the following type of encrypted connection – TLS
    • In the Internet E-mail Settings  dialog window, click the OK
  • Click theNext
  • Wait until Outlook 2013 configuresthe Comcast server IMAP and SMTP settings.
  • Once done, click Close-> Finish.
  • Now, you can use Outlook 2013 tosend emails from your Comcast account.


Setup of the Comcast email account using IMAP in Mozilla Thunderbird 16.0


  • Open theMozilla Thunderbird 16.0 email client.
  • In the Local Folderstab, navigate to Accounts and click the Email
  • Type your name, Comcast email address, and password in the appropriate fields.
  • ClickContinue in the Set Up an Existing Email Account
  • Select theIMAP (remote folders) radio button and click Done.
  • Now, you can access your Comcast email account using the Thunderbird email client.
  • To manually configurethe Comcast IMAP settings, click the Tools tab and choose Account Settings.
  • Click the Server Settings
  • Check if the following fields are filled correctly and then click OK.
    • Server type– IMAP Mail Server
    • Server name–
    • Port– 993
    • User Name –Your Comcast email address
    • Connection security– SSL/TLS
    • Authentication – Normal password
  • Select the checkbox beside the options given below.
  • Check for new messages at startup
  • Check for new messages every (10) minutes
  • Allow immediate server notifications when new messages arrive 
  • Note: If necessary, change the Comcast SMTP settings.
  • If you have any doubts in configuring your Comcast account IMAP settings, get help from our technical experts.