Cannot Get Aol Mail On Iphone

Cannot Get Aol Mail On Iphone

Like any other email service provider, AOL Mail also allows you to send, receive, and organize your email account. This is a web-based email service. So, you can access your AOL mail account over a web browser too. You can configure your account on your iPhone using the Mail application. Configuring and using the account on the iPhone is simple, easy, and trouble-free. But however, some issues are encountered by iPhone users and it is, they cannot get AOL Mail on iPhone. In the below section, we have covered the possible ways to resolve this issue.

Scroll down this page to know the quick and simple solutions to fix the issue and get AOL mail on iPhone.

Solution 1: Using the Airplane mode

Usually, most of the mail app error occurs due to a poor or unstable network. When you encounter this issue for the first time, check whether the iPhone is connected to stable internet. If not, connect it to the network and then try to use the AOL mail on your iPhone. If you encounter this issue even after connecting your iPhone to the network, then enable and disable the Airplane mode feature. Because sometimes the device may not be connected to the network.

Turn on the Airplane mode feature

  • Go to your iPhone’s control panel section.
  • Tap on the Airplane 
  • Now, the Airplane mode is enabled on your iPhone.
  • To disable it, tap on the Airplane icon again.

Now, check whether the cannot get AOL mail on iPhone issue is resolved. If not, perform the other solutions discussed below.

Solution 2: Reset your iPhone’s network settings

This is an effective way to resolve network related issues. To reset your iPhone’s network settings, follow the below instructions.

  1. Open the Settings 
  2. Navigate to the General section and select the Reset 
  3. On the Reset screen, tap on the Reset Network Settings 
  4. Once the network settings are restored, reconfigure them correctly and try to open the AOL mail on iPhone.

Solution 3: Re-add your AOL account

Remove the AOL mail account on your iPhone to re-add it. To do so, follow the below instructions.

  1. On the Settings screen, locate and tap the Passwords & Accounts 
  2. Choose the AOL mail account and tap on the Delete Account 
  3. Now, to re-add the same AOL mail account, go to the Passwords & Accounts section on your iPhone.
  4. Tap Add Account > AOL.
  5. Enter your AOL mail account credentials in the given fields and tap

Solution 4: Re-enable “Allow apps that use the less secure sign-in”

  1. On your desktop or laptop, open a web browser and navigate to the AOL mail login page.
  2. Enter your AOL mail account credentials and click Sign in.
  3. Go to the Settings section and choose Account & Options.
  4. Click the Account Security 
  5. Locate the Allow apps that use the less secure sign-in option and click the slider beside it to disable it.
  6. After a few seconds, click the slider icon again to enable the Allow apps… 

Check whether the issue is resolved. If yes, then you can get AOL mail on your iPhone. If you Cannot Get Aol Mail On iPhone, contact us.