As Bigpond provides IMAP and SMTP support, setting up Bigpond email on your Outlook application is easy. Have a look at this page to get Bigpond SMTP outgoing mail server on your preferred desktop email program.

Bigpond Smtp Outgoing Mail Server

Configuring Bigpond email on your desktop email program

Note: The steps mentioned below will apply to the Outlook application.

  1. At the very beginning, you need to launch the Outlook application on your Windows computer.
  2. Navigate to the File tab and then click the Add Account option.
  3. In the Add Account window, select Manual setup or additional server types and then click Next.
  4. It’s time to choose your service. Select POP or IMAP.

In the POP or IMAP Account Settings window, you need to enter the following details in the required fields.

Bigpond IMAP Incoming mail server details

  • Account Type – IMAP
  • Security – SSL
  • Username – Your full email address
  • Password – Bigpond password
  • Incoming mail server –
  • Server port number – 993

Bigpond SMTP Outgoing mail server details

  1. Account Type – SMTP
  2. Security – SSL
  3. Username – Your email address
  4. Password – Bigpond password
  5. Outgoing mail server –
  6. Server port number – 465
  7. You need to enter the above-mentioned details during the configuration process. There are three sections available in the POP or IMAP Account Settings window.
  8. In the User Information section, type your full name and email address in the required fields and then proceed to the Server Information section.
  9. In that section, you need to choose a service, such as POP or IMAP from the Account Type drop-down menu.
  10. Fill in the Outgoing mail server and the Incoming mail server fields by entering the appropriate addresses.
  11. Under the Logon Information section, type your full email address in the User Name field and enter the password. Ensure that you type a unique and strong password. Enable the Remember password checkbox.
  12. Now, click the More Settings button at the bottom of the window. Type the server port numbers in the required fields. Now, the Outlook application will start to examine the details that you’ve entered. After checking the details, a successful setup message appears on the screen. When you see that message, exit the Test Account Settings window.

You’ve now seen the setup for the Bigpond Smtp Outgoing Mail Server on Outlook. Start accessing your Bigpond email from your Outlook application.