Apple Mail Is Not Receiving Emails

Is Apple Mail not receiving emails? If yes, try these simple and quick troubleshooting instructions to resolve it.

Apple Mail Is Not Receiving Emails

Generally, you will not receive new emails, if:

  1. Your device’s Internet is slow, unstable, or poor.
  2. Your account is offline.
  3. The firewall setting or the antivirus software is blocking the Mail application from receiving the new emails.
  4. You’re using VPN.
  5. The message is sent from the address you have blocked or reported as spam.
  6. The account address is typed in incorrectly.

Resolving “apple Mail Not Receiving Emails”

Try the following troubleshooting solutions one by one. After performing each solution, check if the mail account is able to receive emails. If Apple Mail is not receiving emails again, try the next solution.

Use A Stable Internet Connection

  1. For the mail service to work properly and without an issue, the device you’re using should be connected to a stable internet connection.
  2. Check whether your iOS or macOS device is connected to a stable internet connection.
  3. If not, connect it, and then click or tap the Get Mail button in the Mail toolbar.

Check The Account Status

  1. If your account is offline, disabled, or inactive, you will not receive any new emails on it.
  2. Now, to check your account status, locate its address in the Mail sidebar.
  3. If you find a lightning bolt icon beside your account, it means the account is inactive or offline.
  4. To set it to online, click on the lightning bolt icon beside the account’s mailbox.
  5. Choose the Online Status option.
  6. Select the “Take < your account address > Online” option.
  7. Alternatively, open the Mailbox tab and click on the Take All Accounts Online option if you wish to switch all accounts from offline to online.
  8. Click On The Take All Accounts Online Option

Disable The Firewall Or Antivirus App

  1. The firewall setting enabled or the antivirus application installed on your Mac computer can also block the Mail application from receiving new emails.
  2. So, temporarily disable the security software you have installed on your computer.

Disconnect The Vpn

  1. If you’re using a VPN with your network, then enter its password in the given field when prompted.
  2. Disconnect the VPN from your network if necessary.

Unblock The Sender

  1. If you have blocked an email address, the emails sent from that specific account will be hidden from the Inbox folder.
  2. Now, to unblock the address, open the message that you received from the blocked address.
  3. Click the arrow in the message header.
  4. Choose the Unblock Contact option.

Restart The Mail App

  1. A quick restart can resolve the common and hidden problems.
  2. Close and restart the Mail app on your device.
  3. Now, check if the mail account is receiving emails.

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