How To Setup A Verizon Email Login Via Aol

Verizon Communications designed Verizon mail for its residential internet customers. People can use or access their Verizon mail account using the Verizon webmail login portal or a third-party email program like AOL or Yahoo. Here, we discuss about how to setup a verizon email login via Aol.

What happened to Verizon email?

But still, Verizon users can access their accounts using recommended third-party email clients. 

If you’re looking to log in to AOL Mail using your Verizon mail address, continue reading this page to know more about it.

Fix AOL Verizon Mail Login

Signing In To AOL Mail With Verizon Email Address:

As said above, you can access your Verizon account using the email programs like AOL Mail or Yahoo. But, you have to make sure to enter your email address completely, including the “” command in the address field when logging in. To know more about it in detail, read the information given below.

  1. Open the AOL Mail sign-in page on your computer browser.
  2. Alternatively, open the official page of AOL Mail.
  3. Click the Help menu. Type the “AOL Mail for Verizon Customer” command in the given field and click the Search icon. Now, the “AOL Mail for Verizon Customers” page will open. Click the Check your Mail button on the opened screen. Now, the login screen of AOL mail will open.
  4. Type your Verizon mail address completely in the Username field.
  5. For example, “” 
  6. Click the Next button.
  7. Now, the screen prompting you to enter your Verizon mail account’s password will open.
  8. Type the security key in the given field correctly.
  9. Click Login.
  10. Now, AOL Mail will try to verify the entered information.
  11. Once the account verification process is done successfully, your account’s main page will open.
  12. You can access your account as per your preferences.

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