Aol Not Sending Emails on iPhone

Aol Not Sending Emails on iPhone

“Can’t send emails from your iPhone via your AOL Mail account?”

Well, this is the most common mail issue faced and resolved by many users. So, if you’re facing this AOL Mail issue for the first time, please don’t think that solving it is a mountainous task.

This article covers the causes and all possible troubleshooting methods to resolve it.

Resolving “AOL Mail problem in sending emails on iPhone”

Best and Quick solutions

Before going into the advanced troubleshooting methods, try these simple solutions to resolve this mail issue.

  1. Check the internet connection and retry: In most cases, a poor, unstable, or no internet connection will be the main cause of these kinds of problems. So, check if your iPhone is connected to a stable internet connection. If not, connect it now. Switch to Wi-Fi if necessary. After doing that, tap the Retry button or icon to send the mail.
  2. Restart the app: A simple restart can resolve most issues. Restart the default Mail app or the AOL Mail app, and then try to send the email message.
  3. Type the email address correctly: If the destination address is typed wrongly, AOL Mail will face a problem in sending emails to that account. So, check and correct the email address. Ensure that you’re sending the email message to a valid and active account.
  4. Clear the browser cache: If you’re using a browser, then check and clear its cache and cookie data because they can also lead to this kind of mail problem.
  5. Update the app and OS: Outdated or incompatible apps or OS could also lead to this kind of problem. Therefore, update the app and your iOS if the latest update is available.

Try the advanced method below if AOL Mail is not sending emails via iPhone even after performing the above simple troubleshooting solutions.

Advanced troubleshooting solution

Configure the outgoing mail settings (SMTP)

If your AOL Mail account’s SMTP or outgoing mail server settings are misconfigured, you might end up facing this problem. Follow the instructions below to check and configure the SMTP server settings correctly.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Mail > Accounts.
  3. Tap Mail
  4. Now, the Accounts screen displaying the list of account(s) configured on your iPhone will open.
  5. Tap on your AOL Mail account (on which you’re facing the problem).
  6. Tap On Your Aol Mail Account
  7. Now, the screen titled AOL will open.
  8. Tap your account’s address on the opened screen.
  9. Tap Your Accounts Address
  10. Now, the screen displaying your account’s information and the Outgoing Mail Server details will open.
  11. Tap on the SMTP Server tab.
  12. Tap On The Smtp Server Tab
  13. Now, ensure that the Primary Server is “On.”
  14. Ensure That The Primary Server Is On
  15. Tap on the Primary Server of your account.
  16. Now, the SMTP Server screen will open.
  17. Check whether your AOL account’s username and password are entered correctly in the given fields.
  18. If not, re-enter them and tap Done.
  19. Re-enter Them And Tap Done
  20. Finally, try to send an email from your iPhone through the AOL Mail account. By now, you should be able to do this task without any issues.

Contact our technical experts if AOL is not sending emails on your iPhone again.