Why Is My AOL mail not working on iPhone?

 AOL mail not working on iPhone

The AOL Mail app for iPhone is being used by several people. It is very easy to send and receive emails using this app. However, many users seem to face issues while using this app on their iPhones.

On this page, let us explore the reasons behind AOL Mail not working on iPhone and discuss the methods to troubleshoot this problem.

Usually, this problem pops up when your iOS is outdated. Sometimes, the problem occurs when the AOL Mail app is outdated. In certain cases, a simple Internet issue might also be the culprit. There might be various other reasons behind your AOL app’s inability to work on iPhones. Whatever the reason, you can try the following troubleshooting techniques to fix the current problem.

Relaunch the app:

Exit the AOL Mail app on your iPhone. Also, close all of the other programs or apps that are running in the background. Now, try opening the AOL Mail app once again.

Restart the iPhone/app:

  1. If the above technique fails to work, try restarting your iPhone. Restarting will help refresh the entire device. And it will stop all the unwanted apps from running in the background. The AOL Mail app may not work on iPhone because of these unnecessary apps since they might affect the performance of the other apps on your iPhone, including AOL Mail. If restarting the iPhone does not work, try doing the same for the app. If you want to force stop and restart the AOL Mail app, follow these instructions. NOTE: These steps are for iOS versions 9.3 and later.
  2. Double-press the Home button on the iPhone.
  3. Swipe up on the icon of the AOL Mail app.
  4. Now, re-launch the app and then check whether AOL Mail is working on iPhone.

Update the system/app:

If restarting the device or the app also fails, you have to check for app and system updates. The AOL Mail app works best on the most recent version of iOS. On your iPhone, visit the App Store to check for the AOL Mail updates. Visit the Settings menu if you want to check for system updates.

Clear the cache:

If the AOL Mail app does not work even after trying the above steps, try clearing the cache through the iPhone’s Settings This action will help remove the temporary files and free up the needed space.

Reinstall the app:

  • In case everything fails to solve the AOL Mail not working on iPhone problem, uninstall and reinstall the app on your iPhone. Follow the steps given here to perform the same:
  • Tap and hold the AOL Mail app (icon) on your iPhone until all the app icons start shaking.
  • You can see the X symbol on the AOL app icon. Tap on it.
  • Next, tap the Delete option.
  • Now, you need to press the Home button on the iPhone.
  • Finally, you have to download and then install the AOL Mail app once again.
  • The AOL Mail not working on iPhone problem should be solved by now.