“Are you receiving the “502 Bad Gateway” error when trying to sign in or access your AOL Mail account?” If yes, continue reading this page to know the causes and solutions to fix this issue.

When your try to access a web page using its URL address, first, the entered address is passed through a gateway. If the address passes the gateway successfully, the requested page appears on the screen. In case the address fails to pass through the gateway, the error message “502 Bad Gateway” is displayed on the screen. Keep reading this page to solve AOL mail 502 bad gateway issue

AOL mail 502 bad gateway

The “AOL Mail 502 Bad Gateway” error is also a similar one that occurs due to one of these following causes:

  1. DNS changes
  2. The AOL mail server is down or not working
  3. The server has failed to complete the requested action
  4. The firewall is blocking the server

Troubleshooting the “AOL Mail 502 Bad Gateway” error

The “AOL Mail 502 Bad Gateway” error isn’t as bad as it sounds. So, you can resolve it easily by performing the simple troubleshooting methods given below.

Refreshing the web page

As the first step of troubleshooting the “AOL Mail 502 Bad Gateway” error, refresh the page. To do so, press the F5 button on your computer’s keyboard or click the Refresh icon available at the end or beginning of the search field.

Use a stable internet connection

Check if your internet connection (that you’re using) is stable and working properly. To check it, try to access a web page other than the AOL Mail login page. If the requested page loads successfully, the internet connection is working properly. Otherwise, contact your ISP to fix it.

Use a new tab or session

Open a new tab in the browser and try to open the AOL mail login page in it. If the login page loads successfully, then enter your account credentials in the given fields and click the SIGN IN button. Otherwise, try the next solution.

Using another browser

Close the existing browser that you’re using to access the AOL mail and open a new browser. For example, if you’re currently using Google Chrome or Safari, try Mozilla Firefox or Opera. Try to access the AOL page in the new browser. If the same error appears on the screen, try the next method of troubleshooting.

Restarting your computer

Restart the computer that you’re using to access your AOL mail account. If possible, restart the network devices too.

Clear your browser cache or cookies

Check and clear the unwanted cache or cookies that are stored on the browser you’re using. After clearing the cache or cookies, try to access the AOL mail page.

Wait for the “server down” issue to be fixed from the AOL Mail side

If the AOL Mail’s server is down or not working, wait for it to be fixed from the service provider’s side.

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