Airmail Not Working Proper Troubleshooting Techniques

Airmail is an email client exclusively made for iOS users. Sometimes, it may fail to work due to several reasons. Although you cannot diagnose the exact cause, you can fix the “Airmail not working” issue with the proper troubleshooting techniques. Try out all the troubleshooting solutions listed in this article and resolve your problem without much effort.

Solution for airmail not working issue

Check The Fundamentals

  1. You require a stable Internet connection to access your Airmail account. If your Internet connection is not stable, fix its stability and check whether your issue that resolved.
  2. If you cannot access your Airmail on a specific device, it signifies that the issue lies with your device and not with Airmail. 
  3. In case of Airmail is not working on any device, try out all the upcoming solutions.

Check Your VPN And Proxy Server

  1. Sometimes, the VPN you are connected to can stop your Airmail from working. In that case, disable the VPN and check whether your issue that resolved.
  2. Check the Proxy Server settings of your device. If necessary, make the required changes.

Check The Firewall And Antivirus Software

  1. In most instances, the Firewall and antivirus software installed on your computer can block the functionality of Airmail. 
  2. In that case, disable these security programs temporarily and check whether Airmail works now.

Uninstall The Incompatible Software

  1. Due to the security features of Apple software, it cannot interact with specific services like Bartender. 
  2. Moreover, some incompatible apps can impact the ability of Airmail as well. So, uninstall all the incompatible applications from your computer and check whether your issue that resolved.
  3. SIMBL enables third-party developers to add functionalities to your apps. As it developed without the source code, it can cause severe connection issues. So, delete the SIMBL program from your computer and check whether Airmail works now.

Troubleshoot The Issue With Airmail Tools

  1. Airmail provides you with two different tools to troubleshoot problems.
  2. The Activity and Operations window enables you to check your Airmail’s connection status.
  3. If these tools indicate that Airmail could not connect to your network, fix the issue with the proper solutions. 

If it is still not working, reach out to us for remote assistance.Also, know how to fix a problem in keep airmail damage.