How To Add Exchange Account To Mac Mail?

Like other email service providers, Microsoft Exchange is designed to send and receive emails over the Internet. All the emails that are received at your account are also saved directly in the Exchange server. So, you can access the emails and account from anywhere and at any time, even without connecting your computer or network device to the Internet. This page will guide you to know how to add exchange account to Mac mail.

how to add exchange account to Mac mail

You can configure your Exchange account with any email client easily and quickly. But, before beginning the configuration process, collect your account’s email address, user name, password, internal URL, and external URL.

After gathering these details, add the Exchange account to Mac Mail by following the instructions given below.

  1. On your Mac computer, open the Mac Mail application by clicking its icon.
  2. Click on the Mail tab.
  3. Select the option named “Accounts” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Now, a pop-up dialog box titled Internet Accounts will open.
  5. You can find the icons of the top email service providers displayed on the opened screen.
  6. Locate and click on the Exchange icon.
  7. Now, a dialog box named “Exchange” will open.
  8. The opened box will prompt you to enter your Exchange account’s name, email address, and password.
  9. Type your account credentials in the corresponding fields and click Sign In.
  10. Name: “Your Exchange Account name.”
  11. Email Address: “Your Exchange Account’s Address”
  12. Password: “Your Exchange Account’s Password”
  13. Now, another window prompting you to enter your account’s email address, user name, password, internet & external URLs will open.
  14. Type the details in the respective fields and click the Sign In button again.
  15. Now, the Mail application will verify your account details.
  16. Once the details are verified, a window prompts you to select the apps you wish to use with your Exchange account.
  17. Select the apps from the list by clicking the checkboxes beside them.
  18. Finally, click the Done button.
  19. Now, check whether your Exchange account is configured successfully by sending a test mail. If you receive the test mail, it means the configuration is done correctly. Alternatively, to check the configuration status, open the Internet Accounts window of the Mac Mail application.

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